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Made from sustable resources
With its low emission rating, Customwood® LightPanel makes an excellent choice for use in any location and for many purposes, including residential houses, offices, schools, hospitals and government buildings.
Customised specifications include:
• Length: various
• Width: various
• Thickness (2.5mm-30mm)
• Density (350kg/m3 to 850kg/m3)
• Moisture resistant property (Standard/MR)
• Emission (E1/E0/SE0)
• Accreditation (including FSC, Carb P2, JIS)
• Volume required in m3 (cubic metres)
• Expected delivery schedule
• Delivery destination
As well as our standard product ranges for the New Zealand domestic market, we are able to produce any MDF products with customised specifications to suit your requirements.

Please contact our team to discuss a Customwood® solution for your next project.
Made to order
Our Products Include
International and
Made to order
Products for New Zealand Domestic Market:

Welcome to Customwood by Daiken
Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this product.
Customwood® LightPanel is a general-purpose panel that weighs 20% less than standard for easy handling.

• Offering versatility and easy handling
• Unique lightweight characteristics
• Low formaldehyde E1 emission rating.

With its lighter weight and strength, Customwood® LightPanel is typically used for a range of joinery applications, including:

• Interior furniture
• Shelvings
• Kitchen cabinets
• Walls and ceilings
• Game pieces
The Customwood Light Panel (E1)
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